A world where mental health through whole wellness is available for everyone. 

Our Vision

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Our Mission

To provide personalized mental health wellness through effective, high-quality professional care for your mind, body, and spirit wellness.   


Why HWC?

We are a unique non-profit whole wellness center. We take a preventative and personalized approach to mental health by addressing the mind, body, and spirit.  We provide whole-body wellness that works for your schedule and in the privacy of your home. The HWC is designed to be used to maintain wellness before your mental health evolves into greater challenges.  We provide personalized support with strength-based behavioral health coaching, teletherapy with a licensed counselor, peer support groups, and courses. 

Founding Story

The HWC was founded in 2017 to provide opportunities for mental health through whole wellness events, coaching, and therapy for the entire community. 


For the founder and CEO, Alisa Klepser, this journey had deeply personal connections. After watching her son suffer from bullying that caused depression and suicidal thinking, Alisa committed to reinventing the way mental health was viewed and received.  

As the HWC grew, the team knew that this whole wellness approach needed to be accessible to more people. By combining high-quality, proactive behavioral health care that addresses the mind, body, and spirit with professional therapy, coaching, and programs that are available at your pace and in your personal space more people would benefit and move toward mental health wellness.